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2021 Programme

Proportion and Harmony in Fabric Design

27 May - 5 June 2021
22 - 31 July 2021

The thematic courses offered by Studio Aphorisma are scheduled for 2021 under the title "Symmetry / Asymmetry - Proportion and Harmony in Fabric Design".
The concept of symmetry is present in all human design and creative activities. From mathematical theories and musical compositions to architecture and art, there is a discourse on symmetry and asymmetry in all areas.
We also see a widespread application of the symmetry concept in geometric decoration on everyday objects, especially artistically or handcrafted ones, as well as in design and textile creation. Symmetrical ornaments typical of the various cultures have always been used also on fabrics and ceramics.
When designing a textile, symmetry is a fundamental concept that determines both the fabric appearance and the style in terms of structure and colour.
If, when designing an artifact, symmetry communicates balance, harmony and limitation, asymmetry, on the other hand, communicates dynamism, play and freedom. Asymmetry therefore represents a "break" of symmetry, through which, if used in a targeted and effective way, a fabric can be made more attractive and aesthetically pleasing.

Objectives of the course
Weaving a sequence of colours or structures that repeat itself with minimal differences can be a meditative and very relaxing process.
The aim of our courses is to open our atelier to welcome people interested in the world of weaving and fabric design who are looking for a sense of balance and reflection in these times of stress.
Through the process of weaving the participant will be able to find, in the quiet of our atelier, a dimension of tranquility and harmony: these are, after all, the characteristics that identify the very concept of "symmetry".
During the course the participants are individually instructed, in compliance with the rules of social distancing, and can develop and implement their own individual project on the subject of symmetry/asymmetry..

Course content 
The following topics will be covered during the course:
- Introduction to the conscious use of different design tools when planning a fabric in order to combine the different elements into a well-proportioned, harmonious and aesthetically pleasing whole.
- Symmetry and asymmetry in fabric colour design
- Symmetry and asymmetry in weave structures and patterns
- Symmetry and asymmetry in tapestry weaving
In our extensive library, participants can be inspired by a wide range of documentation on fabrics from different cultures with many examples of symmetrical patterns that have been created and used by artists and textile workers in the past.