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Training courses in weaving and fabric design

12 - 15 February 2021
1 - 4 July 2021
14 - 17 October 2021
5 - 8 December 2021

Upon request, at our atelier, we offer weaving and fabric design courses. These courses are addressed to small groups of people who wish to gain further knowledge on specific topics by taking part in single courses and through a more varied apprenticeship over a period of time. In addition, besides basic weaving courses, we also offer advanced weaving courses upon request.
During the program’s activities, theoretical lectures take place in close connection with practical weaving lessons. The activities at the loom are supported and integrated by theoretical lectures on the following topics: knowledge of weaves and textile fibres, fabric design, presentation, technical calculations, etc.
An introductory course on basic weaving techniques and fabric design is held every year.
For additional information on the topic or specific requests, please contact us directly: