Weaving Courses

Goal of the courses
The goal of our courses consists in developing design and technical-craft skills in the textile sector that ranges in general from fabrics implemented in furnishing, clothing, fashion accessories, and decorative fabrics.
Starting from a common theme proposed by us every year, each of the participants can develop their design, by gaining their inspiration from the most typical features of the Tuscan landscape and local culture.

Our courses are intended for all those people who love creating something with their own hands and are looking for new creative stimuli. The teaching level is suitable for the needs of each single participant, therefore our courses are ideal for all those people who already boast advanced knowledge and also beginners. The important factor is that students express their curiosity and interest in learning more about this creative job.

The atelier, the equipment
The weaving atelier is a multi-functional space consisting of various open rooms connected to one another, so as to form a single space suitable for textile activities: a private terrace near the entrance is used during summer months, to carry out the creative works inside and outside the atelier.
The atelier features hand looms of various size, design looms with 24 shafts, a vertical loom for tapestries, and a computerised weaving loom. The internal area is equipped with all useful equipment, so that the students can carry out their projects in the best possible way.
Moreover, a remarkable quantity of yarns is available to participants, that range from traditional textile fibres such as linen, wool, cotton, silk, etc. to new materials: Japanese paper yarns (washi), copper yarns, ceramic yarns, including samples of new techno fibres.

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