2022 Weaving courses

Textile Stories

The Fabric as a Narrative

19 – 28 May 2022
21 – 30 July 2022

The process of hand weaving opens us up to a world of rich expressive connotations, associated with feelings, memories and individual ideas: the rhythm, the sound, the subtle action of the hand, the nature of the materials, the tools are all part of the story of anyone who finds themselves immersed in this world.

During the course, participants will design with colours and structures, with yarns and surfaces, consciously using materials and also reusing certain old ones, in order to tell thoughts, ideas and personal memories and to translate their design into the fabric according to their imagination.

The following topics will be covered during the course:
– fabric design techniques
– weaves and free techniques suitable for the individual project
– expressiveness of materials
– recycling and reuse of textile materials
– realization of the individual project on the weaving loom

Directors of the course:
Anna Silberschmidt, Nicola Sansò

Requirements for attendance:
the course is open to everybody

Spoken languages:
Italian, English, German, French

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