Special course

Textile Stories in Bauhaus

12 – 17  September 2022

Based on our intensive work experience during our reconstruction of two textiles for the Gropius-Zimmer in Weimar, we organize a special Bauhaus course for our participants every year.

Objectives of the course

Among the many craft laboratories at the school from 1919 to 1933, the one dedicated to weaving was among the most productive.
The main objective of our project is to examine the teaching methods, techniques, aesthetic and pedagogical concepts of Bauhaus and to comprehend their lasting impact on modern textile design and contemporary artistic practices.
The laboratory activities will allow us to experiment the creation of textile structures inspired by Bauhaus. We do not however intend to draw inspiration solely from the strict use of pure geometry, as we will allow ourselves to also be inspired by the creative and poetic aspect of this experience.

Aspects approached

The use of the various colour theories and weaving techniques using highly personal methods have been widely explored in the Bauhaus weaving laboratories.
More specifically, our activity includes in-depth studies on the connection between structure and colour and that between shape and function. The participants will work out different fabric designs and weave a series of samples during the course.
The works of Anni Albers, Gunta Stölzl, Benita Otte together with those of Else Mögelin and all the textile artists who have worked at Bauhaus shall be the source of inspiration for the fabric design activities.

Discussions will also take place on the colour theories of Johannes Itten, Paul Klee and Josef Albers, a lecturer at Bauhaus during the years when he proposed his theory on the interaction of colours and their effective use in the study of creation of depth on a flat surface.

Directors of the course:
Anna Silberschmidt, Nicola Sansò

Requirements for attendance:
the course is open to everybody

Spoken language:
Italian, English, German, French

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