2024 Programme

Surface, Knot & Volume in Fabric Design

23 May – 1 June 2024
25 July – 3 August 2024

In the course ‘Surface, Knot & Volume’ we will investigate the idea of fabric as an interface between the volume of a body and external space. The focal point of our research will be the knot, understood as the key principle of three-dimensional form, but also as an element of connection and transition from surface to volume.

Course objective
Participants in this course will be led to explore the interaction of fabric with space and the fabric as a means of expression through the textile medium.
We will experiment with different types of surfaces, knots and loops together with the various ways of moulding and modelling the textile surface plastically. Working on the loom, we will also see how the presence of knots and textures can influence the physical properties of a fabric.

Topics covered
Two-dimensionality, three-dimensionality, mass, skin, knot, loop, surface, volume will be important parts of our textile research. In particular, the notion of knot and surface and the various ways of containing or defining a volume will be addressed.

Requirements for attendance: The course is open to everybody
Directors of the course: Anna Silberschmidt, Nicola Sansò
Spoken languages: Italian, English, German, French

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