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2024 Scholarships

To promote research and professional development, Studio Aphorisma is offering 2 residency scholarships for weaving students, young craftspeople, designers or textile artists who have conducted or are conducting research projects in the field of contemporary textile creation and experimentation.

Conditions of Participation
The scholarship is open to all candidates who are at least 18 years old and are completing professional training in the textile field or have completed such training no more than 3 years ago. With the registration form, the candidates must submit a CV, a portfolio with images of some independently performed work with a precise legend and an outline of the project that the candidate intends to carry out during the residency (max. 1 page). The project has to be feasible with the available facilities and within two weeks.
The Studio Aphorisma team will select the best applications for the two scholarships.

Studio and Accommodation
The scholarship includes accommodation and the use of the atelier equipped with different types of weaving looms up to 24 shafts and a vertical tapestry loom, as well as all necessary accessories.
Travel, food and material expenses are to be paid by the scholarship holders.




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