Our education course is based on three main aspects: creativity, research and manual skills and is addressed in particular to people who are interested in learning more about the textile sector, for different reasons: students, teachers, individuals or amateur groups, fashion schools, universities, etc.
We offer to everybody, the opportunity to develop projects, learn and collaborate in defining the specific topics to discuss.

The goal of our courses consists in giving the participants, with regards to manual weaving and textile design, the possibility to deal with issues linked with the design of functional fabrics for the furnishing or fashion sector, and also to re-use fabric discards in view of eco-sustainable projects.

Technical apprenticeship
Introduction to techniques to conceive a textile design.
Selection of a topic for an experimental informative research.
Documents and development of ideas, designs and images in order to create fabric samples.
Identification and research of the function and quality of materials within the context of a textile structure.
Division of the course in different modules, starting from learning basic techniques, to the development of specific researches.

Theoretical-practical course on different textile fibres and yarns, and their appropriate use in the textile medium.
Artistic-graphic and plastic expression course in line with the different projects aiming at assisting each participant in preparing a ‘’Portfolio’’ containing materials, ideas and designs developed during the course.

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