Textile Reconstructions

Textile reconstructions in Weimar at the Studio of Walter Gropius carried out by Studio Aphorisma.

The studio of director Walter Gropius was reconstructed in 1999, inside the Bauhaus Universität of Weimar, in a room located on the first floor of the Van de Velde building.
This project consisted in the reconstruction of the textile works present in Weimar in 1923, date in which the Bauhaus was opened to the public with a big exhibition.


In order to set-up this space, Gropius selected two textile works created in the weaving lab: a silk tapestry made by Else Moeglin, affixed on the door that was leading to Itten’s studio and a large square rug, hand made by Benita Otte, both students of Paul Klee.

To reconstruct the colour and technique of these works and to weave two replicas, the Bauhaus Universität of Weimar appointed Studio Aphorisma.

The result of this amazing experience is documented in volume: “Das Gropius Zimmer” by Klaus Jürgen Winkler/Gerhard Oschmann, Bauhaus-Universität-Weimar, Universitätsverlag. Ed. 2008.

The photographs in this page were taken by Nicola Sansò in view of the Bauhaus exposition in Siena, at Magazzini del Sale in 2010.

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Bauhaus exposition in Siena

Magazzini del Sale nel 2010

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