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General information

Goal of the courses
Our art course program aims at developing the concept of creativity, research and manual skills for creating art works and for technical and artisanal application, with particular focus on fabric design.
The goal consists in stimulating each student through targeted lessons, to practice art and technical-painting techniques in order to develop creativity with regards to art and art techniques that marked the creative sphere of entire generations of artists and artisans in the past.

Our courses are addressed to all those people who are looking for new creative stimuli and intend to learn the language of artistic expression.
Our courses are suitable to the needs of each single participant who is curious to make this new experience and intends to learn more about the multiple art and expression techniques.

Drawing, painting and digital photography
During the course activity, the participant, in order to boost creativity in his work, besides practical and theoretical lessons on colours, will have the opportunity to develop his expressive language by experimenting basic painting techniques: tempera, watercolour and acrylic colour painting. At the same time, he will learn some notions on the creative use of digital photography, post-production techniques, change of colour, photo montage, within the art and fabric design spheres.