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Progetto - Studio Aphorisma

2019 Programme

Art: Textile Identity / re-invented tradition

30th May – 8th June 2019
18th – 27th July 2019
16th – 21st September

Studio Aphorisma proposes for the 2019 season a series of courses that will take place on the subject: "Textile Identity /re-invented tradition”.
Textile art is one of the more ancient forms of craftsmanship of our civilisation. Handcrafted textiles have contributed, as part of the diverse cultural contexts, to the forming of local identity and to the production of the collective memory. 
Today there is a renewed interest in the creation of handcrafted fabrics, in particular within contemporary fashion, also because of the awareness of ecological sustainability present in the creative processes of handcrafted fabric. 
Our courses introduce the idea of re-invention of a fabric starting from the analysis of textiles of past traditions. Re-invention in design means creating something completely new while respecting history, a message based on something that existed previously. Modernisation and contemporaneity are therefore very important in the design process of the new because they allow the survival and dissemination of traditional cultural identities in different forms.

Objectives of the course
The aim of our proposal is to develop new textile design tools that are able to interpret weaving systems and techniques of past cultures with modern concepts and designs.
Students will be encouraged to consider the process of creation and design as a narration that links the old and the new.
The traditional fabrics of the past will have for us a value that is both historical and cultural. For this reason an in-depth exploration will take of ancient artefacts belonging to different cultural contexts.

Topics covered
Design elements used in traditional textiles such as colour, shape and material as inspiration for new designs
Choosing an inspiration theme for the composition of a mood board made with collage of images, colours, illustrations, drawings, photographs, fabric samples, etc.
How to create your own colour palette.
How to elaborate fabric designs with techniques such as frottage, collage, masking etc.
How to design textures of fabrics taken from various iconographic contexts of popular cultures.

Requirements for attendance:
The course is open to everybody

Director of the course:
Nicola Sansò, Anna Silberschmidt

Spoken language:
Italian, the introduction will be translated in English