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Studio Aphorisma proposes two courses to be held in 2020 on the topic "Transparencies - transparency and opacity in painting: light, colour, surfaces".
This year's topic will be introduced by a brief overview on the general concept of "transparency".
Transparency and opacity are key properties of a colour. Transparency in painting is simply the phenomenon of being able to see through one or more layers of colour. Opacity, on the other hand, is the material state of a painting where it is impossible to see the layers underlying the coat of the colour itself.
During the course of the creative activity we shall endeavour to analyse specific features and to clarify the various technical and perceptive aspects.

Objectives of the course
The representation of transparency in paintings requires considerable technical skills.
Our courses aim to induce our participants to gain familiarity with the concepts of transparency, depth and opacity, combining the need to conceive, explore and experiment with transparent pictorial structures inspired by natural elements such as: the air, water, light and the space of the surrounding landscape.
Participants will be supported by the lecturer throughout all the different stages, from conception to the realisation of their projects. They will also be encouraged to experiment with surfaces that incorporate space, colour and brightness to obtain surfaces painted with transparency effects using both traditional and mixed techniques.

Aspects approached
The following aspects will be approached during the course:
The various ways of designing a surface with full and empty spaces
Transparent and opaque textures
The effects of transparency and translucency in art by evaluating different types of lighting, reflections and shadows
The effects of overlapping, stratification and depth of two or more surfaces of

Requirements for attendance:
The course is open to everybody

Director of the course:
Nicola Sansò, Anna Silberschmidt

Spoken language:
Italian, the introduction will be translated in English