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The colours of nature

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The "Monochrome" course is intended to guide participants as they discover the fascinating world of natural colours derived from dyeing plants found in the area of Chianti in Tuscany.
The primary objective is to communicate the basic techniques for the extraction and production of plant colour, then applying the pigments sourced to the painting.
This course will also provide the opportunity for reflection on the experience of the monochromatic painting within the context of contemporary art.
In artistic terminology monochromatic painting is a painting that is commonly created with various tones derived from the same colour. The term monochromatic should not then refer to a few techniques but only to a certain use of colour. The contribution of various artists and their different visions has led to the development in western artistic culture of a reflection on the practice of painting which has placed "monochromatism" at the centre of its research.

During the "Monochrome" course participants will have the opportunity to learn more about this fascinating theme of modern and contemporary art and together, guided by the course tutors, will dive into and experience the magical world of extraction and the creation of colours from plants, realising with these colours original monochromatic paintings of great quality and painting intensity.

Topics covered
Considerations on monochromatic painting in contemporary art.
Materials and techniques for the extraction of vegetable colours.
Preparation of colour folders.
Experimentation and application of colours on paper.

Useful materials
- Album of watercolour paper with 20 sheets, fine grain, block notes
- Different pencils
- The rest of the materials required will be available at our atelier.

A digital camera and the necessary tools to download and view the images created.

Requirements for attendance:
The course is open to everybody

Directors of the course:
Nicola Sansò, Anna Silberschmidt

Spoken languages:
Italian, German, English, French