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Studio Aphorisma, directed by artist Nicola Sansò and textile designer Anna Silberschmidt, is a studio that focuses on research, design and professional consulting mainly with regards to topics concerning fabric design activities and modern artistic creations.
Studio Aphorisma, thanks to the combination of technical know-how with artistic and creative experience, is able to turn any idea into a tangible creation.

In 1999, Studio Aphorisma reconstructed and recreated two significant textile works from 1923 on behalf of the Bauhaus University Weimar as part of the overall reconstruction of Walter Gropius’ director’s room at the Bauhaus.


Anna Silberschmidt
Born in Zurich, Switzerland, textile designer, she lives near Florence where she manages her weaving atelier and organizes courses.
Teacher of fabric design at the CSIA in Lugano and other schools in Switzerland and Italy.

Nicola Sansò
Born in Apulia, Master of Fine Arts, Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome.
Teacher of Visual Communication, artist and graphic designer.
Coordinator, Art Director of cultural art projects for the European Union. In 2010, he organized an important installation at A trans Pavilion, Berlin.

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